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Emergency Buoy Control Module

An emergency rescue equipment, used by ships to control the release of life-saving equipment. Its main function is to convert the external AC/DC220V into DC24V through the power converter, and control the solenoid valve according to the logic requirements thus complete the detection and release of the life-saving equipment.

General Power Distribution Center

The 28V secondary power distribution system uses a circuit breaker for the distribution management of the aircraft’s internal electrical equipment. It is used to control the power supply of some of the aircraft’s DC load.

Ignition Control Module

The ignition control module adopts the mature solid ignition module of our company as the executive part, which greatly improves the working reliability while greatly reducing the volume and weight.

The ignition control module has the functions of detecting the load of initiating explosive devices and the status of output relay contacts. The detection status are reported in real time through the level status interface.

Primary Power Distribution Center

The primary power distribution center is the primary power distribution equipment of the DC power system. Its main function is to control the connection and disconnection of the 120Vd.c. and 28Vd.c. power of the ground power supply, the carrier power supply and the battery, and complete the power system according to the power distribution logic.