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Actuator Redundant Input Box

The redundant input box of the actuator is mainly used for detecting the internal state of the system, receiving commands and reporting inputted state information through the CAN bus. There are dual redundant detection modules inside the input box, with a total of 128 detection circuits.

Airborne Information Processor

The information processor has the function of managing the information of the airborne equipment. It completes the collection of other sub-equipment references within the electrical system and uploads them to the flight controller, data recorder and ground testing equipment through the RS422 bus. The processor has the functions of analog signal acquisition, temperature detection and DIDO interface.

CANMK-A measurement module

Collect the output signal of the eddy current pressure sensor on the boat, and upload the collected data to the upper computer through the CAN bus.

UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Brake Controller

The UAV brake controller receives the bus braking command sent by the flight controller and sends it to braking device after conversion, thus control the braking force of the drone’s wheels. At the same time, it monitors the braking force data and the taxiing speed of the drone, and report them.

  • Patented cold backup control system, patented wheel speed sensor
  • High-precision wheel speed detection technology