1JG1-1 DC Type Solid State Relay

  1. Input and output transformer isolation
  2. Power MOSFET output
  3. Switching speed is fast
  4. Strong anti-overload capability
  5. Small volume
  6. All welding packages
  7. High reliability
  8. Standard: Q/RY.J0189-2005


1JG1-1 DC Type Solid State Relay





Suitable for defense and industrial control fields, such as computer interfaces, digital circuit interfaces, signal transmission, numerical control equipment and measuring instruments, suitable for harsh environments.


Technical Parameters Min. value Typ. value Max. value Unit
Input Parameters
Input voltage 4 5 7 Vd.c.
Input current (5V) 6 8 10 mA
Guaranteed turn-on voltage 3.6 Vd.c.
Guaranteed turn-off voltage 1.5 Vd.c.
Switch On time 50 μ s
Switch off time 500 μ s
Reverse polarity 7 Vd.c.
Output parameters
Number of output circuit groups 1H (1 group N.O.)
Output current 1×10-4 1.0 A
output voltage (001) 0.5 30 Vd.c.
(002) 50
Output voltage drop 0.1 Vd.c.
Output leakage current 10 μ A
Transient voltage 60 Vd.c.
Overload 5 A
Electrical insulation parameters
Insulation resistance 100
Dielectric withstand voltage 750 Vr.m.s.
Isolated capacity 25 pF
Environmental parameters
Seal leak rate 1×10-2 Pa·cm3/s
Random vibration 20
(m/s2)2/Hz, Hz
Constant acceleration 49000 m/s2
Shock 14700, 0.5 m/s2, ms
Storage temperature -55~125
Operating temperature -55~105
Other parameters
Weight 3.5 g


Figure 1. Input current vs. Input voltage Figure 2. Maximum output current vs. ambient temp.
Figure 3. output voltage drop vs. temperature Figure 4. Peak Surge Current vs. Surge Current Duration


Mechanical drawings Bottom view Circuit


Order Mark


1 JG 1 1 Y
Number of output Solid relay main name Rated output current   Design Number Screening Level (Y or W)