2JB15-1 Hermetic Magnetic Latching Relays

  • The product is designed according to the aerospace industry relay series spectrum, featuring small size, light weight and large switching power. The technical indicators of the products are close to the international advanced level and are in a leading position in China. It can be used for self-control of satellites, spacecraft, missiles, ships and ground equipment.


2JB15-1 Sealed Magnetic Latching Relays

Environmental Characteristics

No Parameter Environmental Specification
1 Quality Grade Ⓙ, (G) CAST
2 Temperature Range (℃) -55~85
3 Relative Humidity (40±2) ℃,90%~95%
4 Low Pressure (kPa) 4.39
5 Sinusoidal Vibration (Hz) 10~2000
(m/s2) 147 196
6 Random Vibration ((m/s2)2/Hz) 20
7 Shock (m/s2) 490 735 980
8 Constant Acceleration (m/s2) 490 735


Main Characteristics

Contact Arrangement 2PDT Operating Time (ms) ≤15
Coil Power(W) 2.6 Release Time (ms)
Leak Rate (Pa.cm3/s) ≤1×10-3 Load Ratings Resistive 15A,28 Vd.c.
Contact Resistance(Ω) Initial ≤0.015 Low Level 10 µA~50µA,

10 mV~50mV

After Life ≤0.03 Life Time (Cycles) 2×104
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) Normal ≥500(500 Vd.c.) Overload Rating Resistive,30A, 28 Vd.c.
High Temp./Humidity ≥10(500 Vd.c.)
Dielectric Strength (50Hz) Normal 500 Vr.m.s Weight(g) ≤50
Low pressure 250 Vr.m.s


Electrical Specification (V d.c.)

No Coil Voltage 25℃ Overall Temperature Range
Normal Max Coil resistance (Ω)

(1±10%) Ω

Operating Voltage


Release Voltage


Operating Voltage


Release Voltage


028 28 29 320 18 23


Mounting Style: B (3) Mounting Style: C (2)
Note: Vibration sensitive direction: Vertical


Circuit Diagram Resistive Load Diagram


Order Mark

  • CAST Grade product

Example: 2JB15-1 -/28-B CAST C-//2007-08 技协

2JB15-1 -/ 28 B CAST C-//2007-08 技协
Product Model   Coil Voltage   Mounting Style Quality Level

Purchase Specifications: CASTPS06/031 -2006


  • G and Ⓙ Grade product

Example: 2JB15-1 /IV 28 C

2JB15-1 / IV 28 C
Product Model   Environmental Rating Coil Voltage Mounting Style

Detailed Specifications: RY4.506.005JT