4JRB-4 Miniature Magnetic Latching Relays

  • The relay is specially developed for China’s satellites which has a long-term service for all types of machines. It has mature technology, large design margin, high reliability and can be used in various military electronic and electrical equipment switching circuits and transmission signals. It has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, and electronics areas.


4JRB-4 Miniature Magnetic Latching Relays

Environmental Characteristics

No Parameter Environmental Specification
1 Quality Grade Ⓙ, (G)
2 Temperature Range (℃) -55~85
3 Relative Humidity (40±2) ℃, 90%~95%
4 Low Pressure (kPa) 0.67~0.13
5 Sinusoidal Vibration (Hz) 10~2000
(m/s2) 147 196
6 Random Vibration ((m/s2)2/Hz)
7 Shock (m/s2) 490 735
8 Constant Acceleration (m/s2) 490 735


Main Characteristics

Contact Arrangement 4PDT Operating Time (ms) ≤15
Coil Power(W) ≤0.64 Release Time (ms)
Leak Rate (Pa.cm3/s) ≤1×10-2 Load Ratings Resistive 3A,28Vd.c.
Contact Resistance (Ω) Initial ≤0.05
After Life ≤0.1 Life Time (Cycles) 1×104
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) Normal ≥500(500Vd.c.) Overload Rating


100 cycles

High Temp./ Humidity ≥10(500Vd.c.)
Dielectric Strength (50Hz) Normal 500 Vr.m.s Weight(g) ≤32
Low pressure 200 Vr.m.s


Electrical Specification

(The values in parentheses in the table are G grade product)

Coil Voltage 25℃ Overall Temperature Range
Normal Coil resistance (Ω)

(1±10%) Ω

Operating voltage (max) Release Voltage (min) Operating voltage (max) Release Voltage (min)
12 225 8.0 10.5
20 625 13.0 18.0
28 1350 18.0 24.0


Dimensions Circuit Diagram Resistive Load Diagram