J30J High and Low Frequency Mixed Rectangular Connector

  • Number of contacts:15+6 contacts, 21+5 contacts
  • Using twisted wire elastic pin, high contact density (low frequency contact)
  • Wire core cross-sectional area 0.1mm2 ~ 0.15mm2 (low frequency contact)
  • High-frequency contact removable
  • Executive standard: Q/Lk. J(02) 273-2008《J30J-15TJ6GAP/ZK6GAS高低频混装矩形电连接器详细规范》(Q/Lk. J (02) 273-2008 “J30J-15TJ6GAP/ZK6GAS High and Low Frequency Mixed Rectangular Electrical Connector Detailed Specifications”)


Electrical characteristics

Item Parameters Item Parameters
Current 1A (high frequency) Current 3A (low frequency)
Withstand Dielectric Voltage 800V (50Hz.r.m.s.) Insulation resistance 5000 MΩ (500V DC Test voltage)
Voltage 220V Contact resistance (low frequency) ≤10MΩ
Frequency range (high frequency) 0~1GHz (With flexible cable) High frequency point characteristic impedance 50Ω
Contact resistance of outer conductor (high frequency) ≤7MΩ Central conductor contact resistance (high frequency) ≤55MΩ
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB (within the frequency range of 1MHz~100MHz) Voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.3 (within the frequency range  of 1MHz~100MHz)


Environmental characteristics

Item Parameters Item Parameters
Operating temperature -55°C ~+125°C Random vibration 0. 4G2/Hz, 23. 1G
vibration 10 ~2000Hz, 147m/s2 Shock 735 m/s2, 11ms
Salt spray 96h Temperature shock -55°C ~+125°C
Mechanical life 500 times


Order mark
Example: J30J-15TJ6GAP


15 TJ 6 GA P
Main code Number of low-frequency contacts: 15, 21 Types of connectors and low-frequency contacts:

  • TJ male with pin
  • ZK female with jack
Low-frequency contact end type:

  • No sign-crimped
  • N-Straight PCB
Number of high-frequency contacts: 5, 6 High-frequency contact outlet:

  • GA-straight outlet
  • G-90° outlet

High frequency contact category:

  • P—pin
  • S—jack



J30J-21TJN5GP J30J-21ZK5GS


Mounting board hole size drawing