JF10 Series Rectangular Connector

  • In-line locking connection for quick locking and separation
  • Red mark alignment, anti-reverse design
  • Unlocking method: lever or cable to unlock
  • Widely used in aerospace transportation, strategic and tactical weapons, etc.
  • Executive corporate standards:
  1. JF10-12 Q/Ag1.114.1-2008 (Military level)
  2. JF10-48 Q/Ag1.114-2000 (Military level)


JF10 series Electrical Connector

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature

-40 to +85°C Sinusoidal Vibration 10 Hz ~ 2000 Hz, 147 m/s2

Relative humidity

95% at 40°C Shock

735 m/s2

Constant acceleration 980 m/s2 Mechanical life

300 cycles


Electrical specifications

  • Contact resistance and rated current

Contact specifications


Contact resistance (mΩ) Rated Current (A) No. of Contacts


JF10-48 JF10-12



≤ 8 3 44
Φ1.0 ≤ 5 5 12

Φ1.5 ≤ 3 5


Note: The rated current drop rate of multi-core simultaneous operation meets the requirements of the following table:

Number of working cores

1~10 11~20 21~30 31~50 51~80 ≥81
Drop rate % 0 10 20 30 40


Electrical continuity between enclosures   ≤5Mω


  • Rated voltage, withstand voltage and insulation resistance

Working Environment

Withstand Voltage (Vrms) Insulation Resistance (MΩ)

Normal Temperature and pressure

1000 ≥ 1000

High humidity


≥20 M Ω (JF10-12)

≥10 M Ω (JF10-48)

High temperature

≥ 500

Low air pressure: 4.39kpa 20


Mechanical specifications

  • Contact: The surface of the copper alloy material is gold plated;
  • Mechanical separation force: 15N~70N(JF10-12)
            • 15N~50N(JF10-48)


Head housing Head cable cover Housing Cable cover


Aluminum alloy (electroless nickel plating) Aluminum alloy (electroless nickel plating) Aluminum alloy (electroless nickel plating)

JF10-48 Composite material (electroless nickel plating and army green Amino-drying enamel spray) Composite materials (electroless nickel plating and army green Amino-drying enamel spray),

aluminum alloy (electroplated nickel)

Aluminum alloy (anodized and army green Amino-drying enamel spray)


Order mark

Quality grade

No mark- Military grade JF 10 48 TJ A

Basic serial number

Rectangular connector JF

Design No.

10 – Design Sequence Number 10

Contact number

12, 48

Connector type T-plug, J ­ —pin, Z-receptacle, K-socket TJ

Improved TJ (L) – housing and cable cover of the plug, army green Amino-drying enamel spray

TJB— plug and the cable cover material is aluminum alloy

ZKA – Vertical outlet receptacle

ZKB – Vertical outlet and fixed height receptacle

ZKC – Receptacle increased cable cover


JF10-48TJ (L): denoted as a JF10 type 48-core rectangular drop plug (housing and cable cover army green Amino-drying enamel spray).


Model specification

Quality level

Plug model Feature description Mating receptacle Feature description

General level


12-pin plug JF10-12ZK 12-pin receptacle


48-pin plug JF10-48ZK




48-pin receptacle

Vertical outlet

Vertical outlet and fixed height receptacle

Self-contained cable cover receptacle


48-pin Plug (housing and cable covers, army green Amino-drying enamel spray)


48-pin plug (the cable cover material is aluminum alloy)


Receptacle tail attachment (cable cover assembly)

Quality level

Cable cover assembly model Feature description
General level JF12-48-24

Horizontal outlet cable cover (for use with JF10-48ZK receptacle)

Note: Normally, the receptacle is not equipped with a cable cover. Please choose the one according to your needs.


Contact arrangement

12 contacts 48 contacts


Contact type Symbol Contact specifications Number of contacts Contact cup
12 contacts 48 contacts Inner diameter (mm) Cross-sectional area (mm2) Solderable area (mm2)
Common contact Φ0.77mm —— 44 Φ1.0 0.79 0.56
Φ1.0mm 12 —— Φ1.4 1.54 1.08
Φ1.5mm —— 4 Φ1.8 2.54 1.78




JF10-12TJ Plug JF10-12ZK Socket
JF10-48TJ plug, JF10-48TJ (L) plug JF10-48TJB plug
JF10-48ZK Socket JF10-48ZKA Socket
JF10-48ZKB Socket JF10-48ZKC Socket
JF10-48-24 Receptacle cable cover


Method of operation

  1. JF10-12/48 rectangular drop-out electrical connector consists of two parts, a plug and a receptacle. The center of the plug is equipped with a connection mechanism. When the plug and receptacle are directly inserted into position, the steel ball in the connecting mechanism protrudes and snaps into the locking sleeve in the receptacle, so that the head seat is inserted into position.
  2. When the headstock needs to be separated, a certain axial force is applied to the pull rod or the pull ring, and the steel ball on the connecting mechanism is re-trapped inside the connecting mechanism, thereby unlocking the headstock.