JPW-170M TO-5 Relay

The function index, performance index of the relay is equal to international same kinds mainstream military products. The relay is produced by semi-automatization production line. It is of high reliability, small size, long life and high environmental performance indicators, etc. It is suitable for the aerospace aviation, and ground equipment, it can replace the imported products. it is suitable for the space navigation applications and it can work in the environment of 10-9 Pa.



Environmental Characteristics

Environmental Specifications
Temperature Range (℃) -65~+125
Relative Humidity (40±2) ℃, 90%~95%
Vibration (Hz) 10~3000
(m/s2) 294
Random Vibration (m/s2)2/Hz) 40
Shock (m/s2) 980
Acceleration (m/s2) 980

Electrical Characteristics

Contact Arrangement 2 Form C (DPDT) Operate Time (ms) ≤2.0
Coil Operating Power (W) 0.4 Energize Pulse-Width (ms) ≥6.0
Leak Rate (atm.cm3/s) ≤1 X 10-9 Contact Load Ratings Resistive 1.0A, 28V d.c.
Contact Resistance (Ω) Initial ≤0.1
After life ≤0.2
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) 25℃ ≥10000 (500V d.c.) Low level 10µA~50µA, 10mV~50mV
125℃ ≥1000 500Vd.c.)
Dielectric Strength Vr.m.s.(50Hz) Normal ≥500
Low pressure ≥125 Contact Life Ratings 1 X 105Cycles
Mass (g) ≤2.52 Contact Overload Rating DC, 2.0A, 28V d.c., 100 Cycles


Detailed Electrical Specifications (-65°C to 125°C) Vd.c.

Coil Code Coil Voltage 25℃ -65℃ to 125℃
Nominal Maximum Coil Resistance (1±10%) Ω Pick-up Voltage max Drop-out Voltage min Pick-up Voltage max Drop-out Voltage min
005 5 6.0 61 3.5 4.3
012 12 16.0 500 9.0 11.2
027 27 32.0 2000 18 22.1


Dimension Resistive Load Resistive Load

NOTE: Sensitivity direction of vibration: Z

Viewed from terminals side


RF Parameters

Parameters Unit Target
Frequency GHz 0.05-6
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤2.0
Isolation (dB) ≥20
VSWR ≤1.7


Order mark

Example: J65B/XP30010-027JPW-170M

J 65B / XP30010 027 JPW-170M
Relay Series Coil Code Detailed Specification Number Specification Number Style Symbol